Best Places To Visit In Mumbai[2020-21]

Mumbai is a big metropolitan city, which is a part of Maharashtra state. Now, due to the presence of the biggest entertainment industry i.e ‘Bollywood’ the world has ever witnessed, Mumbai is also known as ‘City of Dreams’.

However, there is another reason due to which Mumbai is looked upon by the people, which is because of the fact that this city is also the financial hub of India. This city has all the headquarters of main financial organizations like ‘Reserve Bank of India’, ‘Bombay Stock Exchange’ to name a few.

Being the entertainment hub of India, this city is visited by a countless number of people, so here you will get the information in regards to the various places to visit in Mumbai.

Historical places to visit in Mumbai

Here you will get details about the best historical places that cannot be missed when in Mumbai.

Gateway of India



The ‘Gateway of India’ is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the Mumbai city. This architectural marvel gives an identity to the financial capital of India. This monument was built by the Britishers in the year 1924 to celebrate the visit of  Queen Mary and King George V. Another reason for which this structure is famous for is that after the Independence of India in 1947, it is the final place from where the British troops departed to England. 

Elephanta and Kanheri Caves



Elephanta and Kanheri Caves are ancient rock-cut cave on an island that is present on the southern and northern parts of the Mumbai city respectfully. These caves are divided into two parts in terms of religions, one is ‘Hindu’ and the other one is ‘Buddhist’. The ‘Hindu’ part of the cave is mainly devoted to Lord Shiva, it holds the biggest area. 

Due to amazing sculptures and artworks, this part of the ‘Elephanta Caves’ has been given the ‘UNESCO World Heritage Site’ recognization. In order to go another part i.e Buddhist caves, you need to enter the ‘Sanjay Gandhi National Park’ on the northern fringes of the city.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus



Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is the most popular and famous railway station in India. During the British Raj era, this place was known as the ‘Victoria Terminus’. In the year 1897, the construction of this structure was completed.

From the year 2004, this building was declared as the ‘World Heritage Site’ by UNESCO. The main reason Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is famous is because of its representation of various cultures like ‘Victorian’, ‘Gothic’ and ‘Indian’ via architectural designs.

There are various other historical places within the Mumbai city like ‘Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangralaya’, ‘Fort Bassein’, ‘Castella de Aguada’, ‘Ghodbhunder Fort’ and many more.

Best places to visit in Mumbai with Friends

Here, there will be names of some places within Mumbai that you can visit with your friends. 

Marine Drive



Marine Drive is a three-kilometer stretch that connects ‘Nariman Point’ and Babulnath on its either ends. This stretch is ‘C-shaped’ that barricades the Arabian Sea and forms a bay. One can get to this area from anywhere in Mumbai since it is located at the heart of the city.

Marine Drive offers the best view of the sunset, thus it has become one of the biggest tourist attraction spots within the Mumbai city. Mostly, people come here to stroll on the footpath and spend their time.

Juhu Chowpatty



Juhu Chowpatty is a beach in the Mumbai city that is famous for its long stretch, availability of various types of food stalls and many water rides. The best time to visit this place is during the sunset. This is the place you can spend most of the evening time with your group of friends during the Mumbai visit. The other reason due to which this area is famous for is the awesome view of the Mumbai city, which it offers.




EsselWorld is an amusement park located in the Gorai village in the northwestern side of the Mumbai city. This is a 42-acre park that consists of 57 unique attractions to entertain both adults and kids. This amusement park is the perfect destination to spend time with your friends and family whenever you are visiting Mumbai.

Mumbai Film City



Since Mumbai is the capital of the entertainment industry thus it is quite natural to have a dedicated place called ‘Film City’ for making movies and daily serials. This place was made in 1978 by the Maharashtra State government to cater to the needs of the Bollywood film industry. The size of ‘Film City’ is almost 350 acres, which consists of twenty fully functional indoor studios and outdoor film sets. With organized tour packages, you can visit this place only.

There are a plethora of places to visit within Mumbai along with your friends like the ‘Bandra Worli Sealink’, ‘Colaba Causeway’, ‘Chor Bazaar’ and etc.

Places to visit in Navi Mumbai

You will get the information here regarding the best places to go during your stay in Navi Mumbai.




The first place to visit in Navi Mumbai is the amusement park known as the Tikuji-Ni-Wadi. This place contains various types of rides for the children to enjoy and along with that, there is a resort also. You can stay in the resort after having fun with your children at the amusement park. Even though Tikuji-Ni-wadi is the fun destination for the children but adults can also enjoy being there. Thus, it is the best place to visit with your friends during the Navi Mumbai stay.

Pandavkada Falls



Pandavkada Falls is a waterfall that flows down the hills of the Western Ghats vertically. This waterfall is located close to the Navi Mumbai city. The ideal time to visit this place is during the monsoon, as you can see the natural vegetation that grows in the vicinity of that area. In order to get to the waterfall, you will have to trek a little, thus it is preferred by the people who want some adventure in their life. Also, this place is an ideal spot for picnic lovers due to its vegetation.

Many places like ‘Karnala Bird Sanctuary’, ‘Central Park’, ‘Wonders Park’ and etc are there in Navi Mumbai city. So, keep some time in your hand and visit most of the places mentioned here when you visit Navi Mumbai.

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